Fencing and me.

    Hello everyone,I am Maranda!Today I am going to share my favourite sport,fencing,with you guys.

    When I was four,I loved going shopping with my mum.Outside the shopping malls,there were many people giving out leaflets.One day, I went shopping with my mum again,I caught sight of a leaflet. It was about fencing.When I was little,I had nothing to do,therefore my mum let me join the fencing class.I was very excited to hear that I had a new activity.

    I was four and a half years old when I joined the fencing class.The first year,I was the black sheep of the class,and when I participated any competitions ,I always lost.I thought I'll be the loser forever.But I didn't give up,I kept practicing.The second year, my fencing skills improved by leaps and bounds.I started winning competitions!

    Between fencing,I had learnt that success is not as easy as eating a piece of cake.But the most important message that it told me was to never give up!!!