Magic Tree House VALLEY of JAPAN

    Jack open his eyes. A sunrise comes through his window. Today we're going to the woods again, he thinks. “Are you awake?" came a whisper. Annie stands in his doorway. She has dressed and ready to go.“Yeah, meet you outside", said Jack as he climbs out of bed. He pulls his jeans, T-shirt, and sneakers. He puts his camera, notebook, and pencil in his backpack. Then he hurries downstairs.

    They go to the woods Annie climbs up and Jack follows. "Jack, look at this book, is about Japan, we can go to eat sushi or hand-pulled noodle, oh, we can go to hot spring too!" said Annie."Really? Let me see it." Jack grabs the book from her. "It looks good, we can go there", said Jack.
    "Make a wish Jack," said Annie." I wish I can go to Japan," said Jack. "Look!" said Annie.

    Jack looks out the window. "We are in Japan, the view is beautiful," said Jack. "I'm hungry, let’s find something to eat,” said Annie. Then they go down one by one. "There is a sushi store, I think we can eat here," said Annie. "Good idea, I am feeling ravenous," said Jack. After They finish their sushi meal, Annie planning to visit hot spring.

    “I know one of this is located in Oita. We can go there by JR." said jack.“Look! It’s so big here, and the book said the number of hot spring wells and the yield of hot water is the largest in Japan. We can have their specialty onsen eggs which are steamed in the hot spring water.After they finish their onsen egg, Jahinks it's time to go home.


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