The Wilderness War

The Wilderness War is a book that describes the live of city kids. Noah and his friends are lucky to have a piece of wild paradise in the middle of the city, with wild animals and vegetation, this is the place where they can take risks and have free play. They with their imagination and some skill, they built extraordinary huts and dens: Holly, Nat and Phoebe's pirate ship den, Asha and Anil"s tepee den Noah's lookout tree and bramble den, Toby"s trench and Zeke"s tent. All of these were inspired by the amazing child imagination, as they lose it as they grow up, so it is precious. But the massive landowner Mr Treasure tried to destroy it and the wilderness. Noah and his friends fought back fiercely as they were keen to protect the Wilderness they know and love. After hard preparation,and a little help from Mr Moss and their parents, they debated at the town hall and turned down the planning application.This book shows that the childish brain is like a fire, the imagination is first a spark, then a flame and at last a roaring fire. Noah, is a nature lover and the friend of Crow the crow, and one of the only people that knows about the dusty secret of the deer that comes at night,as well as the leader of the team.Holly,is a computer genius, and the backbone of the team. Asha and Anil are the human state of creativity.Toby is the bravest and keenest member, he is also the most eager to a fight.Nat, the little sister of Noah, a little spark of the team.Zeke is the most active of the bunch, and also the strongest.And lastly,Phoebe, the creator of the banners and logos.The eight of them are the best of friends,and the team that protects the beautiful wilderness.Their keen and undying love to the wilderness truly moved the council, and they turned down the planning application. I truly love this book as it made me feel my true potential and the power of my imagination and instincts, this book made me feel like my true self.This book is truly a touching story.    

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  • stapleshocker178

    2018-09-05 04:24:17
    a message to all city kids, if you do not have a place to play, use your imagination to create your own fantasy


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