A New Ending for Silka the Seal



[A new ending of the story "Silka the Seal" in the book "Wide Range Readers Blue Book 3"]

    Silka lived in the white house with
Nicholas. They always rolled and played on the gleaming gold sand. One day,
they sat down on a rock under a tree to take a rest.

   Suddenly, they entered a magic
world where the humans could talk to animals. A few monsters surrounded them, ready
to attack. Nicholas and Silka were so surprised that they didn't know what to
do.  Nicholas and Silka pinched themselves, for they thought they were dreaming.
But when they felt the pain, they knew they weren't. At this moment, a man
called Manilus came and rescued them. Nicholas and Silka followed him to his

   Manilus introduced himself, then he
taught Nicholas and Silka how to speak to each other. After two months,
Nicholas could communicate with animals of all kind. One day, when they went
hiking they found a crystal of the size of a ruby. When they touched it, they
returned to the real world.

   Nicholas and Silka missed Manilus
very much and would never forget him, for he had taught them how to communicate
with each other and other animals.